Stage 1 - Viewing the Shopping Cart


Once consumers enter the mobile checkout flow, only 42% complete their transactions. The good news is that there are many common design, form and user interface factors that e-commerce teams can focus on to improve mobile conversion rates.

1.Ensure Alignment between the Mobile Checkout Process and the Business Goals

The best mobile checkout process design supports the business strategy underlying it, and the customer base it serves. Some e-commerce businesses serve a returning customer base and therefore can and should follow a different set of best practice rules when compared to businesses that primarily depend on new customers.

Viewing the Shopping Cart

**2. Optimize the Mobile Checkout Page Layout **

A significant number of checkout processes can be improved just by focusing on page layout and styling.

Viewing the Shopping Cart

3. Keep Your Gold Above the Fold

Keep essential information and call to action above the fold so that users do not have to go looking for it. By simplifying the mobile checkout interface and showing just pertinent information and a clear call to action button, the risk of user frustration is minimized.

Viewing the Shopping Cart

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