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Learn how to make mobile experiences better for your customers and your business with React progressive web apps.

Success stories

AKIRA Goes Instant and Nearly Doubles Mobile Transactions

AKIRA sped up its mobile site by 71%+ and is reaping the benefits of a sub-second website: reduced bounce rates, increased organic traffic..

Shoe Carnival Outperforms 98% of Websites

Shoe Carnival's instant eCommerce website reduces browsing transitions by 92%, lifting conversion rate by 35% and revenue by 40% on the...

Planet Blue Drops Page Loads from 16sec to 500ms

Planet Blue drops page loads from 16sec and 10 sec to 500ms, bringing the fashion retailer a 32% YoY increase in conversion rate on the... is 80% Faster on the Moovweb XDN

1-800-Flowers increased conversions by 50% and won the spotlight in Google I/O two years in a row, after launching on the Moovweb XDN.

Annie Selke Outranks Amazon with Instant Page Loads

Annie Selke outranks Amazon, Williams-Sonoma, and other mutli-billion dollar competitors with its sub-second eCommerce website on the...

Venus Fashion goes instant and sees a 24% increase in conversions

Venus Fashion, a leading women’s apparel retailer, upgraded its eCommerce website to a modern, sub-second website on the Moovweb XDN...

Whitepapers & Reports

Choosing the Best CDN for Your Online Store: Akamai vs. Cloudflare vs. Cloudfront vs. Moovweb

Akamai vs. Cloudflare vs. CloudFront vs. Moovweb XDN? Download our comprehensive guide to choose the best CDN for your online store.

How the Leading US eCommerce Websites Perform on Lighthouse

A full analysis of the IR100 websites by revenue, retail category, and Performance Score.

IR500 Performance Scores Are Highest with an In-house Solution

Faster websites are seen on in-house solutions versus the leading eCommerce platforms, including Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and Oracle Comme

How to Go Headless Through PWAs & AMP on Leading eCommerce...

An analysis of the readiness of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Magento, Shopify Plus, SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris), or Oracle Commerce Cloud...

COVID-19 Resources for Retailers

As COVID-19 rapidly evolves, eCommerce trends are shifting. Here are up-to-date resources on the impact the coronavirus is having on...

How the Team Moves Faster

Macy’s moved from a monolithic single-vendor eCommerce platform to a flexible, best-of-breed system based on microservices...

Mobile best practices

AMP, SSR, PWA and Edge Computing for Sub-Second Speeds

Speed matters more than ever as 53% of visitors abandon a mobile website if it takes longer than three seconds to load. A one-second...

A comprehensive Guide to (PWA) Progressive Web App - Benefits for eCommerce

Learn how to upgrade your responsive website to a progressive web app (PWA).

AMP vs PWA: Which Should You Choose to Achieve Sub-second Loading Site?

A guide to using PWA, AMP, SSR, and CDN technologies to achieve sub-second site speeds

4 Powerful PWA Case Studies & Examples

This report details the results we found after examining 4 top retailers that have adopted PWA frontends.

8 Proven Ways to Boost Speed of Any Responsive Website

Data published by Forrester Research and Internet Retailer suggests that RWD sites can be up to 16 times slower than non-responsive sites.

Best Practices on Mobile for Travel & Hospitality

Whether it's booking a flight for an upcoming trip or finding that off-the-beaten-path local spot once they've hit the ground...

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