Our big move to the new Moovweb headquarters went down just a few weeks ago, so trust us when we say we know how much work getting new furniture can be. We'll gladly sign-off on any way to make the process easier.

And Rent-A-Center teamed with Ansira to do just that - bringing the traditional brick-and-mortar retailer's online experience to mobile screens.

Having all their existing functionality - including third party integrations - available to their mobile customers was an important factor. So rather than building a new mobile site from the ground up, they crafted a mobile experience from their desktop site.

The site had a bunch of different layers to work through, so it was a discovery process. But in the end we were able to implement everything we wanted.

Ted Wemhoff
Sr. Digital Solutions Architect at Ansira

We've launched quite a few sites lately, but it is especially cool to see partner projects going live on the Moovweb platform.