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Infrastructure to run your big, dynamic website frontend and make it load in less than one second
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Instant happens before the request

CDN-as-JavaScript puts data into the browser 5 seconds before it’s needed

Simple, powerful workflow


Work with any framework. Run your edge logic locally. No vendor lock-in — hit the eject button whenever you want


In JavaScript We Trust. One single codebase is deployed to the browser, server, and for the first time ever, to the edge. Enjoy atomic deploys and rollbacks without ever having to guess what your edge/CDN is doing.


Every code push automatically gets its own live preview URL so QA, PMs, designers and other team members can preview the new feature on their devices and more easily discover regressions.


Blink-of-an-eye is hard work. Our network works hard before your customer taps to make sites load instantly.


Only the RUM metrics that matter to your visitors. Displayed by route, release, and rendering—the way that matters to developers.


Split traffic at the edge to ensure that all your variations are instant including A/B split tests, canary deploys, and feature flags.


Defend your site against bad actors.


Go instant

Instant websites, no excuses. The median Largest Contentful Paint of pages on the Moovweb network is 320ms, literally the blink of an eye. The sites have dynamic pricing, inventory and personalization and some even have over 40 tags and slow APIs!

Ship fast

Developers love CDN-as-JavaScript because it’s CDN config that they actually use. Makers collaborate better when every push to every branch gets its own preview URL. Teams improve faster when A/B tests can be trusted because they don’t slow down the website

Go beyond static

Static site generation doesn’t work when you have 1000s of pages. The XDN easily handles millions of pages while offering the speed of static websites

Dump your CDN

Try the world’s first JS-based CDN, one that you configure right within routes.js, and you’ll never go back to writing VCL, proprietary APIs, or trudging through a web console.

Go headless

Exit the endless cycle of forced upgrades from your monolithic CMS or commerce platform. The XDN has everything you need to develop, deploy, preview, run, monitor, experiment on, and defend your favorite frontend framework

Deploy in minutes

Deploy your first site now for free in two minutes. Run your existing site at sub-second speeds in hours

Scale in peace

Never worry about traffic spikes again. The XDN shields over 95% of the traffic that goes to your content and catalog database and handles rendering and API aggregation at unlimited scale. 1/3 of Americans touch the XDN network each month


Simple, powerful developer tooling

Everything you need to run your frontend

today and in the future
Use any framework
Full stack deploys: browser, server, and edge
Live preview URLs
CDN-as-Java Script (world's first)
Cache hit rate by route
Split tests at the edge
No vendor lock-in
Atomic deploys and rollbacks
85 global edges
RUM speed by route
Iterative migration
DDoS protection
Run edge rules locally
Custom domains
Log shipping
Canary deploy and feature flag support
Bot mitigation
Github / Gitlab / Bitbucket integration
IP whitelisting
Advanced cache management
Smoke test alerts
Live logs
9 global Serverless JS PoPs
Conversion rate alerts
Roadmap: Browser security
Latency-based traffic routing
PCI DSS Level 1 99.95% SLA
Roadmap: Synthetic speed by route

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