Having just launched the latest release of Moovweb, it occurs to me that perhaps we’ve been a bit delinquent in celebrating all the new features that our team has been working into the platform.

What can we say, it’s been busy.

But the new additions in Moovweb 4 take the unification and optimization of mobile to new levels, and really deserve to be heralded.

First off, if you haven’t installed the Toolkit Chrome Extension, then you are drastically missing out. Install this little guy and start debugging right in the Chrome browser.

Couple that with the new Assert Mixer which verifies that your Tritium is functioning as it should, and using Moovweb is an even more efficient and developer-friendly experience.

And then there's the new Performance Mixer. Man, I love the performance mixer. A few weeks ago I wrote about how Responsive Delivery allows you to create performant mobile experiences. This mixer takes that up a notch with responsive images that includes image conversion and compression, as well as even better javascript bundling.

Meanwhile upgrade to the Control Center make managing projects even easier. Our Git-based revisioning can connect right up to your GitHub repo, and new one-click versioning rebuilds your latest code quickly and easily.

And for those on the enterprise plan, these new performance monitoring charts are absolutely beautiful.


Yeah. Like I said, it’s been busy. So if you haven’t done so yet, I really don’t know what you’re wait for. Sign up and download the latest version of the Moovweb 4.