Results with Moovweb XDN:

31% YoY lift in conversion rate

with an instant site on the XDN

16sec → 0.5sec transitions

reducing speeds by 97% on desktop

10sec → 0.5sec transitions

reducing speeds by 95% on mobile

60%+ reduction in first-page loads

on average across devices

20%+ increase in customer satisfaction ratings

with pages loading in the blink of an eye

Planet Blue has grown from a single-store purveyor of curated organic apparel, to an international designer and omni-channel apparel retailer. To secure an advantage in the highly competitive eCommerce landscape, Planet Blue invests in delivering a superior online experience with its sub-second Shopify website on the Moovweb XDN.

“We wanted the best women's apparel experience on the web and that's what we have with the Moovweb XDN.” - Dan Brewster, SVP Digital Marketing & Commerce at Planet Blue

When comparing the instant website on the XDN against the legacy mobile site, the fashion retailer saw a 20% increase in customer satisfaction rating along with a 14% lift in revenue per user. Since going live on the XDN, Planet Blue’s mobile site has seen a 31% lift in overall conversions and 76% increase in conversions for organic traffic, year-over-year.

These impressive business wins come from cutting first-page load time by half and dropping subsequential page loads (like a PLP to PDP transition) from 10sec to 500ms.

Prior to launching on the Moovweb XDN, consumers would have to wait 10 whole seconds for pages to load as they navigate through the site on their phones. This was detrimental for the fashion retailer, considering that over 70% of its traffic is mobile. As a result, Planet Blue was set on overhauling their mobile experience to meet customer demands. With the XDN, navigation time reduced by 95%, giving the impression of an online catalogue with no frictions as a user browses.

Following these impressive results, the retailer expanded its instant experience to desktop traffic, as well. First-page loads were cut from 6 seconds to just north of a second, with subsequent loads dropping drastically from a daunting 16.6 seconds to a mere 500ms.

These unparalleled speeds brought Planet Blue’s desktop Lighthouse Performance Score up 47 points, from 20 to 67. Based on Lighthouse's skewed distribution, this score far exceeds the 75th percentile and nears the 90th percentile of websites. This means outperforms nearly 90% of all sites on the internet.

Moovweb is dedicated to helping our customers win visibility, reach, revenue, and customer satisfaction with the only platform to guarantee sub-second page loads for database-driven eCommerce websites. We pride ourselves on exceeding speed expectations, knowing that we do not win unless our customers do.

“Moovweb has been very accommodating to our business needs. It’s been very collaborative, communicative, and transparent. Overall, the level of professionalism and expertise from the Moovweb team has been way beyond expectations.” Brewster stated.

Our goal is to allow eCommerce websites to deliver instant experiences. However, instant is only possible on the right infrastructure, such as the Moovweb XDN. Your code is in the center of your workflow with the XDN, allowing developers to easily optimize the browser, edge, and server from a single Javascript codebase.

Planet Blue is able to squeeze every millisecond out of every speed optimization effort by utilizing a combination of advanced technology, built-into the Moovweb XDN. These include server-side rendering support for portable frontends, predictive prefetching, as well as a CDN-as-Code to optimize cache hit rates for dynamic content at the edge so that your site remains 5 seconds ahead of the shopper.

Moovweb XDN benefits


median page loads (LCP)


average organic traffic growth

Auto AMP

the world's only auto AMP conversion solution


cache hit rate for dynamic content at the edge


in revenue flows through the Moovweb XDN a year

1/3rd of US shoppers

visit a Moovweb-powered website every month

Join industry leaders, such as 1-800-Flowers and Venus Fashion who already experience the benefits that come from instant eCommerce websites on the Moovweb XDN. Schedule a consultative conversation to learn how Moovweb can help you get to instant, lift organic traffic and conversion by 15-30%, and increase developer velocity by at least 20%.