Peet's Coffee & Tea is the premier specialty coffee and tea company in the United States.

The company came to Moovweb with an interesting challenge: its brand was expanding across 250 retail stores, 13,000 grocery stores and online, but it lacked a rich mobile experience to match.


4 out of 10 of its website users were visiting the website on mobile devices.

It was clear Peet's needed to launch a customized mobile experience. And it needed to do it quickly, in time for the holidays.

Could the Moovweb platform provide the company with the flexible, scalable solution it needed?


Peet’s needed to offer its customers a seamless way to engage with its brand - whether checking out email offers, using the “Find Peet’s” store locator, or managing their Peet’s subscriptions on their smartphones.

The Peet’s team evaluated a host of responsive and native app solutions in their quest to find a platform that enabled them to meet the growing needs of a new channel.

As Peet’s completed its due diligence, two things became clear:

  • It was important to select a solution that would allow Peet’s to implement feature customization, promotions to loyal subscribers and A/B testing.
  • The company wanted a partner that would complement their growing mobile team, while providing additional insights and expertise on mobile user experience.


After evaluating multiple mobile solutions, Peet’s partnered with Moovweb.

Our platform enables Peet’s to deliver unique mobile-specific experiences and continuously optimize those experiences to evolve with the changing behavior of mobile customers.

Beyond our optimization capabilities, the approaching holidays made speed to launch a key factor.


Additionally, the Moovweb team’s insights and expertise, based on powering hundreds of mobile experiences for leading brands, allowed Peet’s to quickly go to market and test various offers and customizations that delight mobile customers.


Moovweb enabled Peet’s to efficiently and cost-effectively launch a new mobile experience, just in time for the holiday season.

By implementing UX best practices via our platform, Moovweb was able to help Peet’s improve their mobile checkout and subscription experiences to deliver better results.


As a consequence of optimizing their mobile experience, Peet’s saw not only a 34% increase in mobile visits but a 93% increase in conversions and a 142% increase in mobile revenue.