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Women @ Moovweb

What better way to celebrate Women’s Equality Day than taking a look at what Women at Moovweb has been up to?

Women @ Moovweb strives to build community for women in tech, empower women through education and policy changes, and increase the representation of women inside of Moovweb. They also serve outside the office as community and industry leaders and role models – participating in community events and mentorship programs (we are big fans of The Girl Geek Dinner, Hackbright Academy, and Women 2.0).

During our monthly meetings, there are a few topics we like to tackle:  the lack of women, especially women of color, in tech;  the lack of women in executive management positions (not just tech); recruiting and retaining women in male dominated industries; gender stereotypes; and how to build allyship.

We’re always looking at organizations and companies to team up with, as well as identifying speakers for our monthly meeting.  Please reach out to us if you think there might be an opportunity to change the world.  Especially through mobile.

And if you’re looking for a few quality reads for your Women’s Equality Day, check out these articles that take a look gender in mobile development.