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Smartphone ownership numbers

If you just don’t have enough bar charts it your day, well then I have some good news for you: The Pew Research Center’s Smartphone Ownership Report hit the internet today. For several years Pew has been systematically tracking smartphone adoption, and the 2013 report shows for the first time that most American adults own a smartphone.

Sure, we’re already well aware of the incredible growth in mobile, but it’s always worthwhile to attach hard numbers. And those are some pretty big numbers. And far be it from me to question Pew’s methodology – I can only imagine how competitive their office Fantasy Football league must be – but half of the people they surveyed were called on landlines. Now I’m not saying that skewed the numbers, I’m just surprised they got that many people to pick up their landline (I tend to think of mine as an end table decoration). But some of the more fascinating numbers come when they dive into operating systems.


iPhone and Android are clearly leading the charge in smartphone adoption, with Android further opening its lead. Which makes sense when you consider they’re expected to pass Apple in app downloads sometime this summer. Also mildly amusing: While 58% own an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows phone, only 56% identify as smartphone owners. Who wants to wager how many of those users came from the Blackberry/Windows pool? Check out the full report from the Pew Research Center