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Shopping All Day Long

With the holiday shopping season now well underway, we’ve spent the past few days taking a look at how mobile fared.

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Black Friday was big for online retailers – to the tune of a 574% increase in mobile revenue. And Cyber Monday, driven by extremely high conversion rates, performed even better.

So while we were at it, we decided to take a look at how mobile traffic and  revenue performed by the time of day.

As you’d probably expect, mobile traffic peaked in the morning on Black Friday. Shoppers rose early and were on their phones, most likely visiting mobile sites to scout sales and to do in-store comparison shopping.

Meanwhile, after a similar strong showing in the morning on Cyber Monday, traffic continued to grow, peaking in the afternoon.

Conversion rates rose throughout the day – with customers concerned less with gathering info, and more with making purchases – increasing mobile revenues as Cyber Monday went on.


Mobile analytics are aggregated from 25 retailers with mobile experiences powered by the Moovweb platform.