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Moovweb on Stack Overflow

A handful of months after opening the doors and letting developers download the SDK, we’ve hit a pretty big milestone – it has it’s very own tags over at Stack Overflow for Moovweb and Tritium.

Our own team of experts has been assisting the early adopters, writing up documentation, and creating tutorials. But with more and more Tritium development happening outside the gates of Moovweb HQ, it’s high time to open things up further to the community.

Moovweb and Tritium are growing up, and it’s time to see how they’ll do in the wild. And what better place than Stack Overflow?

The great things about Stack Overflow is that the questions and answers can be recorded for posterity, and help up the next class of developers coming to the Moovweb platform.

Not only can our own experts answer any questions out there, but the growing class of independent developers – from our partners out there building mobile sites to hackathon participants building TV web apps – can chime in with their own answers and suggestions. I’m hoping to see some enterprising young Tritium developers come up with up uses and solutions that we haven’t even thought of yet.

There are already a few dozen Tritium questions posted already, so head on over and add your own, or offer your own insights.

Check a few out Stack Overflow Tritium questions: