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iOS7 Adoption

When we got a sneak peak at the new iOS7 this summer, there were quite a few knee jerk negative reactions. The colors. The flat icons. A new Safari UI. It’s the biggest change to the iPhone operating system’s look and feel since its introduction. And, well, change can be scary.

Now millions and millions of gigabytes later iOS7 is officially out in the wild. And developers know what that means – it’s time to test and build for it.

But in case you aren’t yet convinced that you need to start looking at your web properties through Jony Ive’s neon-tinted glasses – well, we dove into our numbers to see how quickly Apple users are switching over to iOS7 and the new mobile safari. And it’s kind of staggering.

On the very first day of its release iOS7 accounted for 10% of Apple visitors across over 20 high-traffic sites on the Moovweb platform. By Day 2, it was at 38%.

On Friday, it edged out iOS6 for the majority of Apple visitors. And now sits at 59% adoption.

So what does that mean for mobile development? Well, you’re going to have to put aside any hesitations and start developing with the new Safari in mind.

Some of that is fun new stuff – a new APIs for Speech synthesis, Airplay, the progress element. But with that you’ve also got the elimination of the dateTime input and the really annoying disappearing bottom toolbar that makes tapping any link along the bottom or the screen difficult.

For a comprehensive run-down of all the changes, bugs, and additions to mobile Safari, check out this excellent documentation from Maximilian Firtman.