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Happy Valentine’s Day, Internet

Hello Internet. You know we love you. You’re in our hearts. In our computers. In our phones. Even in our TVs these days. Everywhere we turn we’re reminded of you so we wanted to get you something special this Valentine’s Day. The most romantic gifts can’t be bought by money, twitter followers, or VC funding. The most romantic gifts are a timeless celebration, a priceless memento of what makes you uniquely you. Something that captures the essence of what you mean to us in ways no words can. So we’ve been up all night making something special just for you…

Dear Internet, behold, the Harlem Shake Bookmarklet.


Drag this button to your bookmarks bar

Harlem Shake

Made by devs at Moovweb

How to install the bookmarklet:

  1.  Drag it to your browser’s bookmarks toolbar in Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.
  2.  Visit your favorite webpage and click the bookmarklet. (Make sure you have the sound turned up.)
  3.  Double Rainbow!

Yeah Internet, you know who loves you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Click here to try it on and here to try it on Use the bookmarklet above to try it on any website.

Source Code: Github
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P.S. For those who don’t know what the Harlem Shake is.

P.P.S. Yes, we are hiring. I’m glad you asked. Come make cool mobile and web stuff with us!