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Black Friday’s Mobile Pop

With the early alarm, long lines, and massive crowds, who can blame anyone for opting out of the chaos of heading out to shop on Black Friday?

Instead, more and more shoppers are making their holiday purchases online, probably at the comfort of their own couch with a plate of Thanksgiving leftovers.

It only stands to reason, with mobile devices becoming a large portion of web traffic, it would be a big day for mCommerce. And after checking out the mobile numbers from a subset of retailers on the Moovweb platform, there was no doubt about it – Black Friday packed a pop.

Comparing Friday’s mobile numbers to the last couple months of Fridays, the growth was staggering.

550+% increase in orders and revenue

The two big stats, orders and revenue, were off the charts – nearly totaling as much as the past seven Fridays combined.

Visitors and Pageviews tripled

Overall mobile traffic was up big, as well. Total visits were up 209%, while pageviews saw 232% increase.

More than 2x increase in conversion rates

And those revenue numbers weren’t just from the increased traffic. Compared to the last handful of numbers, conversion rates more than doubled – up 113%. No question, customers were looking to buy.

I know what you’re thinking. “How does that compare to Cyber Monday?” Well, we are thinking the same thing, so don’t forget to check back tomorrow as we crunch those numbers and see how the two days match up against each other.

Mobile analytics are aggregated from 25 retailers with mobile experiences powered by the Moovweb platform.