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Bigger than Black Friday

After a Black Friday that didn’t quite live up to high expectations, Cyber Monday appears to have fared much better – at least on mobile.

Reviewing numbers from the same subset of retailers we looked at in yesterday’s Black Friday post, we see a 62% increase in mobile revenue on Cyber Monday.

Mobile visits only saw a modest increase of 10% over Black Friday, and average order size saw a slight downtick. It was instead a huge jump in conversion rates – up 55% – that lead the increased mobile revenue.

This increase in conversions was likely a result of more targeted online-specific offers and fewer customers using their phones for in-person comparison shopping. For these reasons and more, Cyber Monday seems to have convinced holiday shoppers to take out their wallets and convert.

Mobile analytics are aggregated from 25 retailers with mobile experiences powered by the Moovweb platform.