Moovweb Toolkit: A full-featured debugger for the Moovweb platform

This past month we’ve been cooking up some mighty tasty goodies here at Moovweb Intergalactic Headquarters. Our biggest, baddest, most exciting announcement is the Moovweb Toolkit. Toolkit is a Chrome extension that gives you full-featured logging and debugging tools for the Moovweb platform right in your browser. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Let’s take a quick look-see.

Toolkit adds two new panels to your Chrome Inspector window, Moov Debug and Moov Log. With Moov Debug, you can step debug or set breakpoints in your Tritium code, examine variables, and inspect the HTML document at any point in the transformation process. DOUBLE RAINBOW!

MoovLog cleans up the logging messages you’re used to on the console and adds syntax highlighting and filtering capabilities. It also has a built-in diff feature that shows how the Moovweb platform modified your HTTP request and response headers.

We’re super excited about Moovweb Toolkit and we’re just getting started in our quest to improve your productivity on the Moovweb platform.

Moovweb 4.2 Release

While Moovweb Toolkit is the flagship feature of the Moovweb 4.2 release, there are a host of other features that will make you more productive. In particular,

  • Windows 8 Support: The Moovweb SDK is now compatible with Microsoft’s latest version of Windows.
  • Basic Auth: Mum’s the word! Keep your top-secret redesigns under wraps by adding Basic Auth to projects hosted on the moovapp domain. In the past, teams had to resort to cookie hacks to protect in-progress work. But not anymore! Basic Auth is perfect for in-progress work and staging environments that need to be shared with your QA team (or your boss) but aren’t ready for public consumption.
  • Tritium Function Overwriting: You know how in JavaScript and Ruby you can override the default functions with your own versions? Now you can do that in Tritium too! Just define a custom function that has the same name as an existing function and you’re off to the races.
  • Console URL Format: We’ve simplified the URL structure for your project pages on so that paths are simply of the form “/accountname/projectname”. Old URLs will be redirected so your bookmarks will continue to work.
The problems we're tackling are all about you -- the developer -- and making your life easier.
In addition to the high-level changes above there are numerous improvements littered through this release like “circular import detection”, “improved stack traces on Tritium error messages”, and “enabling unicode byte sequences in strings”.

Harlem Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture

What started a joke has turned into a phenomenon. Team Moovweb literally made the web “moov” with our Harlem Shake bookmarklet and the response has been off the hook. Not only was it covered on TechCrunch, Huffington Post, and Mashable but developers started adding the effect as an Easter egg to their own websites, including YouTube. You’re welcome Internets!

That’s it for now.

Have a great weekend!