Consumers love the convenience of shopping on mobile - until it’s time to check out. According to Adobe, mobile shopping accounted for 47% of visits to retail websites but ultimately captured 31% of sales on Cyber Monday in 2016--a 16% gap.

For the retailer, this means that those who fail to implement a streamlined approach to the mobile web and to mobile commerce are missing out on some mobile ROI opportunities.  When a retailer’s mobile checkout, quite literally the point of conversion, is not performing as well as it could on mobile, or worse, when the mobile checkout is broken entirely, retailers are not only losing sales, but are actually diminishing the returns on money spent elsewhere, in particular the retailer’s other mobile marketing and customer acquisition investments.

On the other hand, retailers who have prioritized fixing their mobile experiences - and specifically mobile checkout - have seen results that would make any competitor envious.

Moovweb and have partnered for a webinar: **Mobile Checkout and Instant Payments: Conversions and Revenue You are Leaving on the Table **and will share why in 2017, e-commerce teams need to focus their attention on mobile checkout and instant payment technologies as priority projects to increase mobile ROI.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why mobile checkout is broken
  • How marketing budgets are working against ROI
  • The data-driven approach to checkout
  • How got 25x mobile web revenue growth
  • What’s next for one of the most innovative retailers today
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About the Speakers 

Suleman Rehmani
Director, Product & Growth, Inc.

Suleman leads product & growth initiatives at He is passionate about analytics and the user experience across all the different touch points. Prior to his role at, he was leading e-commerce at The Princeton Review.

Ajay Kapur
CEO and Co-Founder

Ajay is co-founder and CEO of Moovweb. Previously, he launched mobile apps downloaded by tens of millions in the early days of the App Store and got a cease and desist letter from Facebook. Previously, he was at Goldman Sachs investing in startups.

He earned an MBA from Stanford and bachelor’s degrees in physics and computer science from the University of California, Berkeley.