Universal Server-Side Rendering that does more

Increase speed and grow traffic to your React site without changing any code

Smarter infrastructure tailor-made for dynamic React sites

Server Side Rendering

Server-Side Rendering 

Get all the benefits of server-side rendering (SSR) without the pain of changing code or managing servers 

AMP Conversion

AMP Conversion

Don't rebuild your site for better SEO. AMPlify your site with an automated AMP conversion pipeline 

No Waiting

No Waiting

Dynamic, just-in-time processing won't increase build times or hurt developer velocity 

Content Acceleration

Content Acceleration 

Globally distributed CDN (or bring your own) ensures shoppers get the fastest experience possible

Grow your business

Reap the competitive benefits of Google's algorithm updates that tie mobile site speed to organic traffic volumes and search ranking
Life Search Engine Marketing

Improved SEO

Make your React pages and keywords compatible for search engines and social web crawlers 

Sub Second Site Speed

Sub-Second Site Speed 

Achieve nearly instant page loads from SERP and substantially decreast Time to First Byte (TTFB) and First Contentful Paint (FCP) for all other traffic sources with the Moovweb XDN 

Boost Organic Traffic

Lift Search Engine Marketing ROI

Get more from ads for the same budget thanks to an improved Quality Score in Google Ads 

Higher Conversion Rate

Higher Conversion Rates

Every second delay in page load cuts conversions by 7%. Stop leaving money on the table with the platform that achieves page speeds that are 8.9%X that of the leading eCommerce websites 


More Organic Search Traffic 

Rank higher on search engine results pages (SERP) thanks to improved SE and faster page speeds 

Grow Revenue, Grow Profit

Grow Revenue, Grow Profit

Improve both your top line and bottom line through traffic growth, advertising efficiency, and better conversion rates 

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Any migration of your website risks a dangerous reset of your hard-won SEO and page rank. That risk multiplies when you leverage modern JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular.

These JavaScript heavy frameworks enable amazing user experiences like Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) but unfortunately, search engines and crawlers from Google, Bing, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and countless others, can’t read any of your SEO optimized content when rendered by JavaScript. In addition, because JavaScript execution now blocks page rendering it can actually slow down the first load of your page.

The result is that a migration to React may actually hurt your bottom line as you lose organic traffic due to lost SEO rank and decreased conversions due to longer page load time. Server-Side Rendering (SSR) solves both issues by pre-rendering your pages into HTML on the server before it gets to the browser or search engine. This way users get fast loading pages and search engines get page content they can understand.

Adding and supporting SSR in a React application has been painful:

  • Most React tools (like create-react-app) are not configured for server-side rendering
  • Adding SSR to an existing React application often involves a painful re-architecture of the app and module dependencies to make sure SSR doesn’t break
  • Implementing fast and scalable SSR for an enterprise site requires a significant infrastructure investment in building out and maintaining a cluster of Node.js servers

Modern sites that do use SSR most often are so-called “static sites”, because these already have “build step” that render out every single site page before the site is deployed. However, for a highly dynamic enterprise site replicating that setup is unworkable or would result in impossibly long build times for developers.

Moovweb’s Server Side Rendering is built specifically for the needs of enterprise eCommerce sites:

  • No changes needed to your existing React app
  • No servers or infrastructure manage
  • No delays or impact to deploy times or developer workflow thanks to dynamic, on the fly rendering
  • Includes an Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) pipeline that can convert your pages to Google’s important new mobile format
  • Built to handle the complexity of enterprise eCommerce sites
  • Proven scalability for top tier eCommerce sites
  • Includes a built-in CDN (or works with your current CDN) so that responses are cached and served as fast as possible to search engines and users