Drive real mobile revenue growth – fast

with Progressive Web Apps 

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), despite the name, are all about mobile web. With PWAs, your site leverages Google development technology to deliver an incredibly fast, reliable and engaging mobile site that offers the experience of an app without the price tag or headache.

With PWAs, your site will rank higher on Google and load lightning-fast so you get more conversions from your mobile web traffic. “Progressive web apps are the future of the web,” says Julie Ask, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research. That’s because PWAs give users the fast and engaging experience they love from apps in the convenience of their mobile browser, where most users search and shop.

It may seem like it’s early days for PWA adoption among your peers but the most innovative online businesses are already in the process of implementing if not at least considering PWAs as a replacement for responsive sites, Android apps and, more broadly, to unify their web and app efforts.

Among some of the top retailers that have already adopted PWA technology are West Elm, Starbucks, Walmart Groceries and 1-800-Flowers.


1-800-Flowers delivered a PWA using Moovweb

64% Increase in Conversion Rates

Moovweb’s Progressive Migration and advanced A/B testing capabilities let the 1-800-Flowers team experimentally test each channel and flow against their existing mobile site. This gave them the ability to microtarget and tweak the performance of the new PWA as needed, resulting in a launch that delivered 50% increase in conversion rates.


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