Over two out of three people who add items to their online shopping carts leave sites without making a purchase.

On mobile, where conversion rates remain** 70%** lower than desktop conversion rates, shopping cart abandonment is an even bigger challenge.

And with mobile commerce already outpacing desktop and expected to account for nearly half of e-commerce by 2018, it’s a growing issue.


Even with the most robust e-commerce platforms, marketers lack two critical components for driving higher mobile checkout conversions:

  • Form-field level insights into mobile shopper behavior
  • The flexibility to test and iterate across different customer segments
    That's about to change.


We’re excited to introduce MoovCheckout, the only solution that dramatically increases conversion rates, giving e-commerce leaders complete control of their mobile checkout flow to deliver a frictionless shopping experience.

Based on years of research of over two billion dollars in annual transactions that pass through the Moovweb network and best practices of over 400 elements that span all checkout processes, MoovCheckout can increase conversion rates by up to 25%.

MoovCheckout includes two components: Catalyst and Business Manager.


Catalyst instantly transforms checkout flows to radically lower cart abandonment rates.

It does so by applying mobile checkout best practices based on our expertise and research by Baymard Institute, leading research center on e-commerce usability.

A few examples of these UX best practices for streamlining checkout flow include:

  • Auto-detection of a user’s city and state based on zip code
  • Auto-detection of credit card type (Visa, MC, AmEx) based on card number and auto-formatting of credit card number inputs (so the spacing on the smartphone screen field matches the spacing on the credit card for easy read-back)
  • Insertion of a “Place Order” button at the very top of the review page to make it instantly clear and obvious that the order has not yet been placed. Mobile shoppers often mistake the “review order” page for an order confirmation page. They consequently leave the site, thinking they’ve placed an order without actually having done so.
    UX checkout best practices


Business Manager, the other component of MoovCheckout, provides companies with granular insights to better understand the root of cart abandonments. It allows marketers to:

  • **Measure e-commerce metrics **down to the field-level (see field-specific abandonment rates, specific field conversion rates and time spent per field), as well as view industry benchmarks
  • Have full control to make optimizations to checkout, quickly deploying, testing and iterating to provide frictionless checkout experiences and drive higher conversions
  • Segment their audiences and create custom experiences for each segment (e.g. provide users coming from an AdWords campaign with a unique checkout experience)

Visit our website to learn more about MoovCheckout and how it can improve your mobile checkout conversion rates by up to 25%. Or contact us to learn more.