Oh, the app question. Every enterprise is looking to build at least an app or two. But the question is how?Native development? Or web? Maybe hybrid?

It’s an interesting discussion. But one that warring perspectives have made unnecessarily difficult. Of course native developers are going to extoll the virtues of a native app. And the same, for web app developers.

That's why Ishan Anand, our director of new products, teamed up with Dave Wasmer, frontend developer at Kinvey, to give a comprehensive and balanced look at the inherent advantages and disadvantages to each app development strategy.

The result is the joint ebook from Moovweb and Kinvey - “Native vs. Web vs. Hybrid: Selecting the Right Platform for Your Enterprise's App”.

In the ebook, you'll learn:

  • Pros and cons for each methodology.
  • Secret details behind Facebook’s transition to native apps.
  • The 5 common hybrid app patterns.
  • Case studies on the Walmart, Belk, GNC, and L’Oreal apps.
  • Resources and tips for all three approaches.