Integrating Foundation into your Moovweb project just got easier. While our platform has always played nicely with different web frameworks and libraries, now Foundation - the Responsive Web Design framework from the good kids at Zurb - can be included in your Moovweb build with just one little line of code.

Simply include the new Foundation recipe during project generation and you’re good to go. It really is just that easy.

The great part about using the Foundation scaffolding with Moovweb is that it takes a framework so many of us know and love and allows Responsive Delivery to bring those RWD techniques to any existing site.

Every other RWD project means a rebuild. It means starting over from scratch. Because for everything great about RWD, it does requires a drastically different structure of your HTML. That’s what allows the page to gracefully narrow. And that’s what Foundation UX framework does really well.

But with Moovweb, you simply integrate that framework and its class names into the existing site. Giving it the best of RWD practices, without the rebuild.

Interested? Don’t believe that it can possibly be that easy? Head over to the Moovweb documentation and check out this great Tutorial we’ve spun up.