Presentation Layer Platform to Modernize Existing Systems

Accelerate Transition from Monolithic to Microservices Architecture

Moovweb offers financial companies a unique opportunity to unify their web, mobile, and app strategies by leveraging your existing web investments to build the mobile experience your customers need.

Key Benefits

Quickly launch modern UX on top of existing systems. No APIs required

Create a seamless, unified UX across multiple, disparate underlying systems

Deliver APIs from legacy systems

Add microservices in small steps – avoid the “forklift upgrade”

Top Financial Companies Choose Moovweb

Top 50 US Bank

Moovweb delivered a complete overhaul of the corporate online banking UX in a few months

Modernize Online Banking Platforms

Several online banking platforms offer limited ability to update the customer-facing UX, creating a poor customer experience and excessive customer support requests. Using Moovweb, the bank can now easily update the desktop web, mobile web, and mobile app interfaces

Mobilize Online Banking Platforms

Online banking platforms often have few APIs and no built-in mobile app or mobile web capabilities. Moovweb offers mobilization across web and apps, allowing the bank to realize value from existing platforms without requiring a costly upgrade

Top 3 Auto Insurer

Moovweb supported a major upgrade of the insurer’s logged-in account management UX on mobile web, mobile apps, and voice

App rating: under 3 stars to over 4.5

In eight weeks, insurer used Moovweb to add dozens of new features to its iOS and Android mobile apps. Moovweb’s Front-end Virtualizer created APIs from the website. The app has been rated the best insurance app by Forrester every year since the Moovweb upgrade

“Alexa, mail ID cards to my home.”

The insurer used Moovweb to rapidly launch Alexa and Google Home/Assistant flows in a couple months – the insurer was the first in its industry to launch a transactional, logged-in voice application

Moovweb Delivers a Faster, Better Website in Weeks

Moovweb is an enterprise cloud platform that delivers a mobile-first presentation layer for your websites regardless of your web platform or the user’s device. Moovweb makes your sites faster, more effective in meeting your business goals and better able to adapt to changing consumer demands.

Moovweb uses secure cloud technology, sophisticated caching and rendering, and APIs to deliver an mobile-first presentation layer without replatforming or rewriting your existing site.

Moovweb offers rapid deployment, easy management and unmatched reliability.

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Key Features

Secure, Severless PaaS

Security trusted by the nation’s biggest brands in banking, insurance, travel, and retail.
No need to manage infrastructure through a single-tenant serverless platform-as-a-service.

Front-end Virtualizer

Preserve existing logic and JavaScript while rewriting presentation.
Create APIs where none exist.
Aggregate existing or Moovweb-created APIs. 

JavaScript Everywhere

Instantly deploy JavaScript at the client, edge, and server using open frameworks (e.g., Node.js, React) and a  modern toolchain:
Sass, Webpack, CI/CD. 
Local dev behind firewall for Win/Mac/Linux.

Server-side A/B Testing

Significantly more impactful than traditional A/B optimization tools, Moovweb’s server-side approach allows for testing of major UX improvements to flow, usability, and context