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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is an Experience Delivery Network (XDN)?

An XDN delivers your website and sits on top of your APIs / data.

Example XDNs include Netlify, AWS Lambda@Edge,, Github Pages, Zeit, Cloudflare Workers, and the Moovweb XDN.

An XDN differs from a Content Delivery Network (CDN) in that, in addition to caching content, it also serves the front-end of the website. More importantly, it understands the front-end of the website and as such enables a set of powerful features not possible with either standalone CDNs, or conventional front-end / monolithic site hosts.

Moovweb is not a direct Netlify competitor or alternative, AWS Lambda competitor, or competitor of most other XDNs as it was purposely built for complex, dynamic PWA / SPA / React sites that drive at least $10M in revenue, and typically much more.

What does Moovweb sell?

Four things:

  • Moovweb XDN, our flagship product

  • React Storefront (free, open-source)

  • XDN Professional Services implementation packages*

  • XDN Support packages*

* Optional, used by approximately half of Moovweb XDN customers

Do I own my project code?

Yes, you own all of the code you develop and run on the Moovweb XDN (obviously). If you select Moovweb as the implementation partner to develop your project code, you enjoy all the benefits of ownership including the ability to modify and run the code anywhere you like. That is offered as a free, perpetual licence to the code. This structure is used so that Moovweb can reuse elements of the code for other projects and for our incorporation into React Storefront, or as part of the XDN.

Am I otherwise locked into Moovweb as a vendor if we build on top of the XDN?

Absolutely not. We’re developers ourselves and understand that you wouldn’t write a project that only runs on a commercial product such as the Moovweb XDN. The basis of your project is React Storefront, which is free and open-source. You can use it whether or not you buy our XDN. And even if you do buy our XDN and for whatever reason decide to discontinue your use of it, you can run the same code on Node.js + Express with all the same core features.

What is the cost of the Moovweb XDN?

Moovweb is completely free for developers to fully evaluate. If your business presently serves less than 100,000 requests/month and requires only one Moovweb XDN login, please email as you may qualify to use our platform for zero cost. If your needs are greater, we are happy to provide you with a fixed quote that is tailored to your business. Click here to schedule a meeting with our team so we can walk you through our pricing model, which has a few factors such as the number of users, traffic volumes, and support needs. Most of our customers go from initial inquiry to a fully launched live experience in under 12 weeks!

What does the Moovweb XDN offer that I can’t find anywhere else?

  • Sub-second page loads for PWAs / SPAs / React sites

  • Global CDN programmable in JavaScript that enables 80%+ cache hit rates for dynamic content (try getting that out of any other CDN)

  • Serverless Node.js with millisecond cold start times (versus 200+ ms for AWS Lambda)

  • Automatic AMP page creation

  • Real-time server-side rendering (aka prerendering) tuned for sites with 1000s of dynamic pages

  • Unlimited, secure pre-production environments created instantly through our console, API, and CLI

  • React Storefront router: JavaScript routing code that is understood by the CDN, Service Worker, and Management Console, giving developers unprecedented control of the full stack from a single place

  • Website Virtualizer: easily create APIs out of websites while preserving underlying business logic

  • Cache hit rate optimization console that is aware of your site’s routes (coming soon)

How does Moovweb achieve sub-second page loads? It’s taking all our best minds to get to even two seconds?!

Creating near instant websites is a science that spans the full modern stack (Backend for Frontend, edge, service worker, and client UI), entire software development lifecycle (especially maintenance), and numerous 3rd party vendor tools that comprise a modern website. It’s not surprising the average website takes more than 3 seconds to load on an LTE mobile network. Achieving sub-second speeds requires a long list of capabilities, including:

  • Prefetching

  • Server-side rendering

  • Highest cache hit rates in industry (through the XDN’s “CDN as code” capability)

  • Auto AMP creation

  • AMP validation crawler to ensure there are no regressions

  • Auto inherit product listing page data on product detail pages

  • Code splitting

  • Dashboard to improve cache hit rates

  • HTTP/2

  • API aggregation so minimal payload is sent to the client

  • Server offload of high-CPU tasks

  • Unified tag event firing

  • Image optimization

  • Embedded high-performance CDN with over 40 global PoPs

  • Continuous Integration (CI) tools that ensure “performance budget” is not exceeded

We created the Moovweb XDN because sub-second speeds are not possible for dynamic websites through today’s infrastructure. It has all the features above and more.

Other than site speed, what are the other benefits of the Moovweb XDN?

Sub-second sites are just the beginning. The Moovweb XDN has a number of key benefits, including:

  • Launch React/PWA in half the time

  • Developers love the Moovweb XDN

  • Reduce operational costs

  • Make daily improvements through unprecedented control

  • Improve SEO and SEM without risking years of hard-won gains

  • Optional, staff augmentation with team of experts

How does the Moovweb XDN handle analytics tags?

The Moovweb XDN offers a Analytics Module that is not included with the free React Storefront product.

Many analytics tracking tools were not designed for Single-Page Applications (SPAs). More importantly, many eCommerce websites incorporate dozens of trackers, which fire independently and can slow performance. And various tracking tools will subscribe to the same events in different ways, making the code hard to maintain.

The Moovweb XDN Analytics Module solves all of these problems by subscribing once to common events, such as page views, and then allowing extension code for each tool to fire based off of those unified events. The module currently supports page level events for the following tools (more are added each month): Amplitude, BloomReach, CrazyEgg, CuralateWidget, DriftWidget, FourCiteTarget, GoogleAnalyticsTarget, GoogleTagManagerCommerce, LiveChat, MerkleSearch, Navistone, Optimizely, Pixlee, PixleeWidget, ZmagsCreator, and AmpEvents.

Additional tools are easy to add to your project, as are additional events to these tools.