Our tails are all a wag with the launch of this mobile site! When The Humane Society of the United States went sniffing around for the right mobile solution, they needed to look no further than Moovweb. And with the many animal lovers here at Moovweb (as you can see above), we were all ears for this project!

Setting their sights on increasing donations for the organization, The Humane Society needed a site that would allow donors to give seamlessly and securely from their mobile devices. Before they could only accept donations through their desktop website, which completely eliminated on-the-spot donations at events and conferences. With all that lost potential, the organization decided it was time to bite the mobile bone.

(Listen guys, I'm really just going to keep making animal puns until one of you laughs.)

As the largest animal protection agency in the United States, The Humane Society fights for animal protection through advocacy, education, and hands-on programs. And with their new Moovweb mobile site, users are able to access the same content found on the desktop site, including news, blogs, pet adoption, and donation forms to make contributions quick and easy.

It's a worthy cause, so maybe next time you're on your phone - whether at the dog park or just lounging about watching videos of cats playing the keyboard - head over to The Humane Society and throw a few bones their way.