Technology innovators have embraced microservice architecture as an elegant solution to the manifold problems inherent to monoliths. By breaking applications down into lightweight and decoupled services that each serve a specific business need, development teams could deploy more frequently, scale more effectively, and avoid many of the problems of software monoliths.

Last Thursday, we held a webinar with Macy’ in which we discussed how Macy’s moved from a monolithic single-vendor eCommerce platform to a flexible, best-of-breed system based on microservices. We had the opportunity to hear from Lenny Stofsky, Director of Engineering at, as he walked us through this transition which has led to double-digit online growth over the last 3 years.

In this webinar, we also covered case studies from Walmart and Home Depot, how your monolithic eCommerce platform is holding you back and how to win budget for microservices by delivering sub-second sites, increased revenue, and lower costs.

You can watch the full recording here.