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Edge Experiments

Full control over your traffic routing, conclusive tests, and sub-second speeds



Route traffic to any live branch

Every branch of code you create is equal on the Moovweb XDN, and can receive some or all of the traffic for a given domain. The XDN Developer console makes it easy to adjust routing rules, deploy changes, and roll back if there is a problem.


Run A/B tests, feature flags, and 
canary deploys without slowing down your website

Most A/B testing tools slow down your website, so you don’t know if the UX you are testing failed, or whether it succeeded but your customers were frustrated by the slower page loads.

On the Moovweb XDN, new experiences are “native” and are delivered at the edge at the same sub-second speeds as the original experience. This approach also holds for feature flags, canary deploys, personalization, and other variations of the website.


Route traffic based on any header value, or by probabilities

Traffic can be routed by probabilities (e.g., a simple 50/50 split) or based on sophisticated rules based on any header or cookie value (e.g., showing first-time visitors a different experience than repeat visitors).

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