Stage 2 - Shipping & Billing Info


If retailers give the user a clear, focused, streamlined and lightweight mobile checkout flow  — while recognizing the advantages and limitations of a mobile experience — all parties will benefit. Here are three tips to improve the shipping & billing stage.

1. Leverage Layout to Communicate Important Information

Done right, layouts can support a positive checkout experience for the user by letting the user know where he is in the checkout process, and aware of important information.

2. Leverage Returning Users’ Data for a Quick Checkout

Sites with large recurring user bases can offer expedited checkout by pre-filling known user information.

3. Minimize User Fatigue through Defaults

Checkout flows that contain numerous form fields encourage user fatigue. By minimizing the number of form fields that the user has to fill out, this can be avoided.

Did you miss the first stage of the checkout journey? Here are 3 Tips on Viewing the Shopping Cart.

About MoovCheckout

MoovCheckout is a SaaS product created on the science of the optimized mobile checkout experience. Crafted according to data analysis on over 400 dimensions of the checkout process, MoovCheckout has improved mobile checkout conversion rates by more than 17% in the first month after implementation, with a climb to more than 38% after six months. Constant engineering improvements to the MoovCheckout platform ensure that mobile checkout experiences continually adapt to changing technological improvements and customer expectations, allowing retailers to focus on e-commerce issues besides checkout design and usability. Evaluate our mobile checkout solution for increasing your mobile revenue.