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World's first JS-based CDN



A CDN should make your website fast. Duh.

You have a CDN, why isn’t your site fast? Because your CDN is only good at caching static files - images and JS/CSS files. But before your page can render, your shopper’s have to wait for category and product data that has to travel across the country from your database to their phones.

CDN-as-JavaScript gives developers programmatic control over caching at the edge, so that browsers can get the data they need to render the next page instantly.

Today's CDNs

Static Files


Dynamic Data


The magic behind instant - stream data to the phone before it’s needed

You can optimize or you can go instant. Optimizing means using grainy images, dumping the tags and tools you require to run your business, as well as personalization and A/B testing, or spending time tuning your database or APIs.

Going instant is easy when the data from your database lives a few miles away from the browser. Moovweb XDN’s service worker agent intelligently grabs that data of all possible pathways from the edge just a few seconds ahead of the shopper. Pages load instantly without your databases falling over due to the extra traffic.


The server and browser are part of your app, why isn’t the edge?

Using Next.js, Nuxt.js, or React Storefront, your code is isomorphic, meaning the routes run on the client or server. CDN-as-JavaScript extends that to the edge of the network and allows you to run routes.js at the edge.

 Instead of arm wrestling your CDN to cache dynamic data (only to have a backslash bring down your site), CDN-as-JavaScript makes it effortless to achieve 95% or higher cache hit rates for your dynamic data at the edge.


An edge console that understands 
your application

CDNs understand URLs, CDN-as-JavaScript understands your web app code. Instead of a dashboard with stats about 1000s of URLs, Moovweb XDN Console shows you how each of your routes is performing and allows you to take specific action to cache or clear data.


Test CDN rules and edge 
logic locally

Gone are the days where you deploy and pray it works in the cloud. Run and test all your edge logic and CDN rules locally in your development environment.


Control everything about how your data is cached

Need to clear the cache for a specific URL, or category of products, or your whole site? No problem. Clear data globally in under 2 seconds via the console, API, or CLI. Need to cache product page data for five minutes but not inventory lookups? No problem. Everything about your site's data is under your control.


Launch your sub-second site in steps, without a “forklift upgrade”

The average “forklift upgrade” project has a 90% failure rate. There is a better way. When running on the Moovweb XDN, you can easily specify within routes.js which page templates will run your upgraded SPA/PWA code (usually product detail, product listing, and homepage) and which ones remain on legacy code (usually checkout and account).

Even better, your shoppers won’t notice the transition, as you can inject the header/footer/menu of your new code around the legacy code. Martin Fowler, who coined the term ‘strangler pattern,’ would be proud.


Dump your existing CDN

Moovweb CDN-as-JavaScript can fully replace everything you get from your current CDN. It has all the web security features you need at the edge: Web Application Firewall (WAF), Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection, bot mitigation, origin shielding, and edge based filtering.

CDN-as-JavaScript has nearly 100  “superpops” which ensures your content and data caches close to your shoppers. It also offers an image optimization service.

If you want to keep your CDN, Moovweb CDN-as-JavaScript can sit behind or alongside it—it won’t slow down your sub-second website.

CDN-as-JavaScript has all the security & caching features you’d expect

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