Venus Fashion Goes Instant and Sees a 24% Increase in Conversion Rate

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Results with Moovweb XDN:

24% increase to conversions

from their instant site

80.83% of the website is sub-second

with 95%+ dynamic content cached at the edge

50%+ of the pages loads in under 320ms

literally the blink of an eye

There is no longer a notion of 'page load'

when you go sub-second

Increased enterprise agility

with the Moovweb XDN

Venus Fashion, a leading women’s apparel retailer, upgraded its eCommerce website to a modern, sub-second website on the Moovweb XDN. The result: delivers an unprecedented experience, boosting conversions with its instant website.

Before the Moovweb XDN, only 15.25% of the fashion retailer's website pages loaded in under one second. With the Moovweb XDN, 80.83% of the website is sub-second for mobile US shoppers, regardless of network quality. More notably, more than half of the website’s pages load in under 320ms — literally as fast as the blink of an eye.

With speeds so instantaneous, there is no notion of a ‘page load.’ Rather, a visitor gets the impression that the entire catalogue is in the palm of their hand.

Venus’ sub-second eCommerce website is driving substantial revenue growth, with conversions up by 24%.
Feel instant by visiting Venus on your phone

The fashion retailer was able to squeeze every millisecond out of every speed optimization tactic by utilizing eCommerce progressive web app technology on top of the right infrastructure: the Moovweb XDN. The Moovweb XDN takes a full stack approach to website speed by allowing developers and DevOps teams to easily optimize the browser, edge, and server.

While PWA technology will take you from slow-to-fast, frontend optimization alone simply will not get you to instant, especially if you have a complex, dynamic eCommerce website. For that, you need to optimize speed across the stack. With the Moovweb XDN, the frontend, server, and edge are all optimized through a single JavaScript codebase.

The server is optimized by going headless and optimizing APIs with a Backend for Frontend. The frontend is optimized with a portable PWA with built-in server-side rendering and automatic AMP conversion. And by bringing intelligence to the edge, Moovweb's CDN-as-Code delivers an astonishing 95%+ cache hit ratios for dynamic content.

Venus’ site feels instantaneous because the site’s dynamic content is cached at the edge for 5 minutes, allowing the browser to stay 5 seconds ahead of the shopper and deliver immediate requests. When dynamic content is cached as close to the customer's physical location as possible (i.e at the edge) the browser can fetch it and deliver it instantaneously. Add predictive pre-fetching to the mix and the browser will continue to load the pages instantly, no matter where your customers go or click.

Venus' investment in website speed has driven substantial results, from customer satisfaction to revenue growth. All in all, the retailer is seeing a 24% lift to conversions from its sub-second eCommerce website.  

Moovweb XDN benefits


median page loads (LCP)


average organic traffic growth

Auto AMP

the world's only auto AMP conversion solution


cache hit rate for dynamic content at the edge


in revenue flows through the Moovweb XDN a year

1/3rd of US shoppers

visit a Moovweb-powered website every month

Join industry leaders, such as, 1-800-Flowers, The Tie Bar, and Annie Selke who are already reaping the benefits of the speed increases attainable on the Moovweb XDN.

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