Shoe Carnival Outperforms 98% of Sites with an Instant Website on the XDN

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Results with Moovweb XDN:

92% reduction in browsing transitions

dropping from 6 seconds to 500ms

70.5% increase in first load speeds

dropping from 3.4 seconds to 1 second

Outperforms 98% of websites

and outranks Amazon, Zappos, Nordstrom

40% lift in revenue

with a sub-second website

Increased enterprise agility

with the Moovweb XDN

Shoe Carnival, one of the nation’s largest family footwear retailers, offers a broad assortment of dress, casual, and athletic brand name footwear for men, women and children. With 80% of the retailer’s traffic coming from mobile and a proprietary frontend that was both slow and challenging to develop for, Shoe Carnival was looking for a proper solution. The retailer found what it needed with advanced web tech for sub-second websites through Moovweb XDN and AWS.

“On the Moovweb XDN, we have better speed and conversions. From a developer’s standpoint, we have far more flexibility and no restrictions.” - Tyler Drone, Sr. Manager of Digital Development

Instant on the XDN went from 3.4 second first-page loads and 6 second browsing transitions to both being 1 second or less. On the XDN, first loads are 70.5% faster, with a 1 second median load time. More importantly, subsequent page loads are cut by an astonishing 92%, down to 500ms.  

“The speed was so much faster than a lot of the things that we were comparing it to. This was unique to this platform (Moovweb XDN).” - Drone

The Moovweb XDN makes instant loads possible every time, with little to no developmental headache. “The platform is more flexible, user friendly, and takes all the guesswork out of deployments and caching,” stated Drone. Shoe Carnival has full control over caching and traffic routing on the XDN. This, along with the platform’s CDN-as-JavaScript, which caches dynamic content at the edge and streams it to the browser before it is requested, ensures that delivers an exceptional, instant experience.

The bottom-line gains from the sub-second speeds were felt immediately. “Right away, we saw lift in conversions and AOV,” reported Drone. Since launching on the XDN, has seen a 35% increase in conversion rate and 40% rise in revenue. Speed equals money, but that’s not all it influences. Site speed also influences SEO.

Instant SEO

The faster the site, the higher it ranks. Shoe Carnival is a great example for that, as it outranks the largest names out there, including Amazon, with its sub-second website.

On the XDN,’s mobile Lighthouse score skyrocketed. Based on our analysis of the performance scores of the leading 500 US internet retailers, outperforms 98% of the leading eCommerce websites.

A website’s Lighthouse score essentially shows you how Google perceives that site in terms of speed. In turn, speed impacts the site’s organic ranking. Search engines are favoring faster websites in the ranks, and is now outperforming and outranking the biggest names out there, including Amazon, Zappos, Nordstrom, along with other multi-billion dollar competitors for key phrases.

The XDN doesn’t only enable speedy websites, it also simplifies and accelerates the developmental process.

Instant made simple

From a technical perspective, the XDN has simplified the process of building, testing, optimizing and running large eCommerce websites. Shoe Carnival can now add and amend functionality and endpoints, in a fraction of the time it used to take them.

“From a general ability to add or implement new functionality, hands down the XDN is much easier to work in.” - Drone

The Moovweb XDN puts the code in the center of your workflow. It simplifies the developmental process and accelerates testing and feedback cycles with automated tests and staging URLs for every branch created. Once live, the XDN lets you easily monitor your site’s performance and caching in various levels of granularity, so that every optimization effort is maximized.

Drone and team are able to squeeze every millisecond out of every speed optimization effort through the use of a combination of advanced technology, built-into the Moovweb XDN. These include built-in auto-AMP and Server-Side Rendering support for portable frontends, predictive prefetching and CDN-as-JavaScript to deliver a 95%+ cache hit ratio for dynamic content at the edge.

Moovweb XDN Benefits


median page loads (LCP)


average organic traffic growth

Auto AMP

the world's only auto AMP conversion solution


cache hit rate for dynamic content at the edge


in revenue flows through the Moovweb XDN a year

1/3rd of US shoppers

visit a Moovweb-powered website every month

An instant eCommerce website can have a massive impact on your bottom-line. We've seen this time and time again. Join industry leaders, the likes of 1-800-Flowers and Planet Blue, that are feeling the benefits that come from a sub-second eCommerce website.