1-800-Flowers is 80% Faster on the Moovweb XDN

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Results with Moovweb XDN:

500ms browsing transitions

on mobile across all channels

73% faster first page loads

from 4.5sec to just north of 1 second

Outperforms 97% of IR500 sites

and outranks Proflowers, FTD and more for key phrases

50% higher conversions

over the traditional website

25% increase in average session duration

with an instant shopping experience

1-800-Flowers.com (Nasdaq: FLWS) opened its first flower shop over 40 year ago, and has blossomed into a multi-brand, omni-channel gifting empire, generating billions in annual revenue. The floral giant leads the industry in innovation, using the most advanced web tech to deliver an instant IBM WebSphere shopping experience, on the Moovweb XDN with AWS. As a result, 1-800-Flowers has won the Google I/O spotlight two years in a row.

On the XDN, 1-800-Flowers cut first-loads in half and brought browsing transitions down to sub-second. The instant experience has driven traffic, engagement and conversion lifts.

“Moovweb is the single best vendor relationship we’ve ever had” -Amit Shah, President of 1800Flowers

Sub-second page loads on the XDN

1-800-Flowers.com went from 4.5 second first-page loads to just north of 1 second, reducing median paint times by 73%. More importantly, next-page loads dropped to a 500ms median. These amazing speeds have resulted in a 25% increase in time spent on site and a 50% lift to conversions.

The floral retailer is breaking the 1-second barrier at almost every stage of the customer journey. For example, First Contentful Paint, Largest Contentful Paint, Speed Index and Time to Interactive—are all sub-second when browsing from one product to the next on the mobile site. Pages load in the blink of an eye, making it feel as though the entire catalog is available on a user’s device, with no wait time or friction of any kind. This highly engaging experience leads users to browse through more products, quickly with increased satisfaction.

These unprecedented speeds have placed the retailer in the top of the list for mobile site performance based on Lighthouse. In fact, the retailer outperforms 97% of the websites of the leading 500 US eCommerce companies on Lighthouse v6.0.

The search giant applauds the flower empire

On the Moovweb XDN, 1-800-Flowers went from a slow desktop-first frontend to a sub-second progressive web app (PWA), which has been showcased in Google’s two latest prestigious developer conferences, Google I/O.

"When we launched our new mobile site on the Moovweb XDN, we saw increased conversions, a 25% jump in time on site and a 53% decrease in abandon rate.” -Shah.
1-800-Flowers became the first Trusted Web Activity (TWA) in the Google Play Store

Cutting-edge technology paired with an impressive lift in conversions earned 1-800-Flowers the spotlight at Google I/O 2018. The following year, the 1-800-Flowers PWA became the first of its kind to be featured on the marketplace and showcased at Google I/O 2019.

The PWA outperformed the retailer’s native Android app, lifting conversions by 30%.

Just search 'flowers' on your phone!

For over a decade now, Google has been prioritizing speed. In 2018 the search giant began ranking faster mobile sites higher in the search results than slower loading sites. 1-800-Flowers is a great example of the advantages that instant sites have in SEO. The flowers and gifts giant ranks #1 for key search phrases, such as ‘flowers’ and ‘sympathy flowers,’ outranking ProFlowers, FTD, FromYouFlowers and dozens of others.

Moovweb XDN makes the Web instant and simple

1-800-Flowers sits on a unique infrastructure: Moovweb XDN. The retailer is able to consistently deliver sub-second median page loads through the combination of advanced technology built into the XDN, which unites server-side rendering supported portable frontends, with predictive prefetching and CDN-as-JavaScript which keeps the website 5 seconds ahead of shoppers’ taps.

The XDN keeps 1-800-Flowers.com 5 seconds ahead of the shopper by streaming cached JSON data from the edge to shoppers’ browsers before they even tap on anything. Predictive prefetching, edge computing and advanced caching techniques all come into play to ensure the information the shopper is most likely to click on is ready, before they ask for it. This is what creates an instant experience.

The XDN is an all-in-one solution to build, deploy, preview, monitor and run large scale eCommerce websites, as well as other database-driven websites. Code is put in the center of the workflow, allowing developers to have full control over caching. Not to mention, the developmental process is completely simplified and feedback cycles are accelerated with automated tests and pre-production environments with URLs for every branch created.

Moovweb XDN benefits


median page loads (LCP)


average boost to organic traffic

Auto AMP

the world's only auto AMP conversion solution


cache hit rate for dynamic content at the edge


in revenue flows through the Moovweb XDN a year

1/3rd of US shoppers

visit a Moovweb-powered website every month

In this digital age, you cannot afford to be left behind. Join industry leaders, such as Planet Blue, Shoe Carnival and The Tie Bar who are already delivering instant sites on the XDN and reaping the benefits.

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