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Serverless JavaScript

Server-side rendering and auto-AMP conversion on serverless Node.js




Just-in-time server-side rendering (SSR)

Pre-rendering won’t cut it for dynamic eCommerce websites with 1000s of SKUs, A/B tests, dynamic pricing, real-time inventory lookups, and promotions.

The Moovweb XDN offers in-line on-the-fly server-side rendered content that is then cached at the edge with our CDN-as-JavaScript.


World’s only automatic AMP service

AMP pages are prefetched and pre-rendered by Google, so that they load instantly. Google favors AMP pages in their search results, and studies show that AMP generates between 20% and 32% organic traffic lift for eCommerce companies.

Unfortunately, AMP sites are difficult to maintain - they are a totally different website than your PWA. Moovweb XDN’s BFF automatically generates the AMP version of your website by rendering the React code in your PWA as AMP-HTML and routing the appropriate traffic to those pages.


Serverless Node.js

Don’t manage servers, handle huge traffic spikes with no effort and focus on your web app. 
- Ishan Anand, Moovweb CTO

“When the leader in influencer marketing, REVOLVE, needed to be assured that their Serverless Javascript will handle huge spikes in traffic generated by celebrity influencer mentions, they bought the XDN.”

- Ishan Anand, Moovweb CTO
Serverless JavaScript
10msCold Start Time
Lambda @Edge
200-400msCold Start Time


Go serverless without cold-start time delay

Lambda Edge and similar offerings have cold start-time delays that are untenable for the sub-second speeds the Moovweb XDN guarantees.


API Aggregation and Orchestration

Enjoy all of the usual benefits of a Serverless JavaScript, including the ability to orchestrate and aggregate APIs to minimize the payload delivered to the browser.


No APIs necessary

Sometimes your eCommerce platform or custom system may not have full API coverage. Why wait months to offer your shoppers an instant experience?

The Moovweb BFF offers a patented Synthetic API technology which converts your HTML into JSON data on-the-fly. Synthetic API endpoints preserve cookies and redirects and support iFrames and Ajax on web pages. Use them to power your whole website, parts of your website, or alongside native APIs to augment functionality on a given page template. Synthetic APIs execute quickly and will not compromise the speed of your sub-second website.

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