As widely rumored, Apple Pay is coming to the mobile web. To say this will be a major shift for retail would be an understatement. This is not just another payment option, it's a radically accelerated purchase process—a single thumbprint, no need to type in shipping, billing, name, email, or phone number.

Today, the desktop browser is still the easiest way to buy online, which is why it represented almost 90% of online commerce in 2015. While mobile web is growing, it is still painful - especially checkout. Apple Pay for web solves this. But what about native apps? The fact is that they’ve failed to deliver results and more importantly–we don’t want another icon on our home screens.

It’s no surprise that Amazon has more mobile revenue than the majority of the top 500 retailers combined. And it’s growing 60% faster. Bigger and faster. Apple Pay for mobile web narrows this gap by eliminating all the pain of buying any product from any website into one simple action—a thumbprint.

Apple Pay for the web will change how consumers shop on mobile. At Moovweb, we’re committed to helping our customers support Apple Pay for mobile web, optimize their online checkout process and, ultimately, increase conversions.