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Infrastructure for sub-second dynamic websites

Instant is the new standard in eCommerce. Are you ready? goes instant
Source: New Relic RUM page load data for mobile web

Go instant with the Moovweb XDN

A revolutionary approach

You won't get sub-second with next-gen CDNs or databases

Sub-second with no excuses

Keep your tags + rich images + slow APIs + personalization + real-time inventory

Bring eCommerce database content to the edge

Stream data into browser 5 seconds ahead of the shopper

Automatic server-side rendering and AMP creation

Edge/CDN dashboard understands your app - not only URLs

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Run sites at browser, server, and edge

CDNs are for static websites, XDNs are for dynamic ones

Industry-first single codebase across client server and edge

Go headless in less than 12 weeks

Or run your current headless website at sub-second speeds

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Built to run your favorite framework

Go instant with your own frontend on the XDN

Put your code in the center of your workflow

Forget CDN config - run routes.js at the edge

No vendor lock-in

Preview URLs for every Github branch

Live traffic routing at the edge

A/B testing + canary deploys + feature flags

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How our customers win

320 millisecond page loads (median)

Go headless in less than 12 weeks

Improve conversion rates by 15-30%

Boost organic traffic by 20-30%

Increase developer velocity by 20%

Tyler DroneSr. Manager of Digital Development, Shoe Carnival, runs on SFCC

From a business perspective, we have better speed and conversions. From a developer’s standpoint, we have a lot of flexibility and no more restrictions on the Moovweb XDN.

Arvind JainDistinguished Google Engineer

Subconsciously, you don’t like to wait. Every millisecond matters.

Neil LandonChief Technology Officer,

With Moovweb XDN, our development team can now deliver lighting-fast performance through advanced caching, prefetching, and combining API calls on the server side -- all configurable directly in our JavaScript code. This is light years beyond what can be accomplished by legacy responsive web methodologies.

Eric BurnsSales Engineer at Fastly

I get a “WOW!” feeling when seeing how fast sites that run on the Moovweb XDN are.

Zero Ops - cut costs, focus on PWA apps, not ops

Zero Ops - cut costs, focus on PWA apps, not ops

True serverless

Don’t manage virtual servers

Performant Node.js

Millisecond cold-start times

Unlimited scale

⅓ of Americans visit a Moovweb-powered site each month

Sleep well at night

Call a developer 24/7/365

Infinite secure staging environments

Auto-provision every time you create a feature branch in your code

Enterprise ready

VPN access/IP whitelisting/PCI Level 1 DSS/SSL cert and domain management

Trusted by the biggest and best enterprises