Long has the development community argued over the merits of native vs. web app development. Native apps get the full device functionality because they run on the native OS. But that also makes them a little closed off. Web is a free, open-platform, and uses all the technologies we know and love, but they often miss that look and feel of a native app.

Back and forth we argue.

Then enters the hybrid app. Deus ex machina. Now you have the opportunity to pick and choose when to use either. If using native code will do a better job on this one particular thing, then use a native layer. If a webview gets the job done somewhere else, use a web layer.

Maybe you're not sure your company can get the great app it wants and needs using the hybrid approach. But a quick flip through this list should convince you otherwise. With a proper implementation, and by layering web and native together, you can create apps that reuse your web assets, giving you a great app with a faster time-to-market. Maybe we're all surprised these apps are hybrid, but when you look at the pros and cons, you really shouldn't be.