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‘Responsive delivery’ delivers a 25% boost to mobile conversions

Using responsive delivery technique to optimize the ACLens site for smartphones yielded a 150% increase in time on site, a 78% jump in page views, and a 25% increase in conversions.

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BevMo! Exec: Content And Utility Are Central To Mobile Success

As time goes on, more retailers are indicating that their most successful mobile initiatives offer utility and valuable content that make consumers’ lives easier, rather than more entertaining.

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Applying Transformations To Responsive Web Design

Transformations are a simple yet powerful technique for separating content and presentation in Web applications. Yet, outside of enterprise and data-processing circles, transformations have failed to gain popularity through XSLT.

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Mobile platforms, agencies or both: Which is the right choice?

As markets mature even more, reliable products and platforms emerge that empower organizations to achieve channel ownership in a way that leverages shared technology, reducing the overall complexity, costs, risks and required investment.

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