16 Dec, 2014


What does Google's 'mobile-friendly' label mean?

A few weeks ago, Google announced they would be adding a “mobile-friendly” label to their mobile search results.

This is not the first time Google makes updates reflecting the growing importance of mobile search. In 2012, a smartphone icon began appearing next to some mobile-friendly sites in Google’s search results, with the company confirming they were experimenting with ways to optimize mobile search.

However, the relatively recent announcement of the new “mobile-friendly” label was the first official acknowledgement by Google of their intent to help users find mobile-friendly pages with annotations on search results snippets.

Moovweb mobile friendly label in Google search results

This update has potential implications for mobile SEO, as Google confirmed that they were “also experimenting with using the mobile-friendly criteria as a ranking signal.”

So how does the Googlebot decide if a page is worthy of being labeled “mobile-friendly”? 

12 Dec, 2014

Mobile Holiday Shopping Report Webinar

A Deeper Look at Mobile’s Role in Holiday Shopping

We had some great insights into mobile shopping this holiday season.

To share those insights and take a deeper look at mobile’s role in holiday shopping, Justin Megahan, Moovweb Product Marketing Manager, and Alan Tu, Mobile Analytics Strategist, sat down for our recent 2014 Mobile Holiday Shopping Report webinar.

As they began the webinar, they considered the important question: why does mobile matter and why do retailers need to offer mobile optimized experiences?

Justin and Alan Mobile Holiday Shopping Report webinar

This holiday season, the increasingly significant impact of mobile became very apparent as mobile sessions surpassed desktop for the first time. And while brick-and-mortar sales underwhelmed, online shopping grew, with mobile shopping seeing the most growth.

10 Dec, 2014

Shoppers Continue to Go Mobile

Mobile Traffic Remains Strong Throughout Cyber Week

This holiday season started out strong for mobile. On Thanksgiving, mobile sessions outnumbered desktop sessions for the first time. But would mobile growth continue throughout the 5-day period of ‘Cyber Week’?

Over the course of Cyber Week, we focused on year-over-year trends for Thanksgiving and Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And we took a closer look at Android vs iOS.

At the conclusion of the week, we wanted to bring our Mobile Holiday Shopping Report back to where it started – desktop vs mobile. And what we found is that mobile retained its greater share of sessions.

Together smartphones and tablets were responsible for 58% of sessions during Cyber Week. However when we looked at revenue, what we saw is

09 Dec, 2014

Android vs iOS

Are iOS shoppers more valuable than Android shoppers?

Which smartphone shopper is worth more – an Android shopper or an iOS shopper? The short answer is iOS.

Although Android has over 80% of the global smartphone market, according to IDC, Android users contribute a lower percentage of traffic and revenue to total online sales. These operating system based differences in shopping behavior are well-documented. And they have been very apparent this holiday season.

According to IBM, from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, iOS devices generated twice the traffic of Android devices. And iOS devices contributed to four times the sales.

Adobe reported that over Thanksgiving and Black Friday, Android drove 21% of mobile sales revenue. Meanwhile iOS users drove 79% – close to 4 times the revenue.

But we wondered: are all iOS shoppers using their iPhones more valuable than Android shoppers? We took a closer look at the numbers in our Mobile Holiday Shopping Report.

Android vs iOS by revenue sessions conversion rate

05 Dec, 2014

Big Cyber Monday for Mobile

Strong year-over-year mobile growth this Cyber Monday

Online shoppers once again turned to mobile in a big way this Cyber Monday, driving significant year-over-year mobile growth.

Despite the lackluster kickoff of the holiday shopping season, with lower than expected in-store sales, this Cyber Monday was the biggest online shopping day ever in the U.S.

And mobile played a larger than ever role, with retail giants like Wal-Mart not only seeing the most online orders in a single day on Cyber Monday but reporting 70% of traffic coming from mobile over the holiday weekend.

Overall, mobile’s share of online traffic grew 30.1% over last Cyber Monday to 41.2% of traffic, according to IBM. And mobile sales increased 27.6% year-over-year, contributing to 22% of total Cyber Monday online sales.

Year-over-year mobile growth numbers for retailers in our 2014 Mobile Holiday Shopping Report on Cyber Monday were significant, posting a strong finish for the holiday weekend.

Cyber Monday Year-Over-Year Growth vs Holiday Weekend

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