23 Oct, 2014

How mobile is the web?

What we learned from crawling the top 100K sites

Naseem Makiya is a Data Engineer at Moovweb. He works on market research and financial planning and analysis to better understand the mobile landscape.

It started with that simple question. “How mobile is the web?”

We know that the people that are using the web are mobile. We’ve hit an inflection point where mobile is overtaking desktop. It’s something we’ve seen coming for years – working with some of the largest names on the web to deliver to mobile. But what about the next thousand sites? The next ten thousand? How is the web on the whole delivering to an increasingly mobile world?

We started with a list of the web’s top 100,000 sites, according to Quantcast, a popular site audience tool. Then we crawled the homepage for each and every one – once on a desktop browser and once on mobile.

We wanted to see how each site was dealing with its mobile traffic. Did they redirect to an m-dot site? Did they use a separate CSS file to restyle the page for mobile? Were they using media queries and responsive web design? Or were they just delivering the same content and styling to desktop and mobile?

And the results? Well … the web has got some work to do to catch up with its mobile audience.


Only 65% of the top 100,000 sites were doing anything for mobile.

The top 10,000 sites were a little better, coming in at 76%.

And, not surprisingly, the top 1,000 sites were doing more. 87% were employing some approach to delivering to mobile.

But still, that leaves a huge chunk of the top sites on the web failing to deliver mobile.

In upcoming posts, we’ll take a deeper look into the 65% of the web that is delivering to mobile, looking into what approaches they are taking and whether they are simply delivering a mobile interface, or actually optimizing experiences with mobile-specific features and performance enhancements.

And in a few weeks, along with Ajay Kapur, our CEO here at Moovweb, I’ll walk through the complete results of our look into how the web is delivering to mobile in our “Where Do You Stand?” webinar.

18 Jun, 2014

The new smart shopper

The new smart shopper is a mobile phone user

The days of relaxed leisurely shopping seem to be over or at least on the decline. Shoppers now want to save time, save convenience, and want answers fast. We live in the era of the “smart shopper,” a valiant warrior who enters the store prepared and ready for battle. Their weapon of choice? The smartphone.

90% of smartphone shoppers use their phone for pre-shopping activities and 84% of smartphone shoppers use their phone while in the physical store, according to a study conducted by Google Shopper Marketing Council.

The mobile phone phone use is consistent across all categories of retail. The pre-shopping activities could be everything from finding locations, directions and hours to searching for info about promotions or reading product reviews.

06 Jun, 2014

Responsive and Unified

Disruptive technology doesn't have to disrupt your team


Throughout two decades of professional services positions at enterprise software companies, I’ve consulted on change management to my clients’ IT leaders on how best to structure their teams to incorporate the new technology and processes. Often my recommendation would be to identify a separate, dedicated team to learn, develop, and deliver the “new normal” to the rest of the organization.

Keeping the new from the existing would allow for the disruption to be, well, less disruptive. Nowadays, I work with clients who are adapting their web applications to be responsive to their users, and I recommend a very different approach.

21 Apr, 2014

Mobile Site Metrics Q1 2014

Sample of 42 mCommerce sites shows .77% conversion rate

To take a gander at how mobile customers are shopping, we crunched the first quarter numbers from 42 sites – spanning 8 industries – who use Moovweb to deliver mobile experiences.

The big takeaway for many will be the .77% conversion rate benchmark, but there are also some keen insights into behavior that increases the likelihood of conversion. Just interacting with the search bar makes a mobile shopper twice as likely to convert.

Check out all the facts and figures in our Mobile Site Metrics Q1 2014 infographic.

Infographic mCommerce

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