27 Jan, 2015

Responsive Sites Too Slow

8 Ways to Improve Performance of Responsive Sites

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In a study by Keynote and Internet Retailer examining 12 responsive design retail sites, page load times on smartphones were found to be a staggeringly slow 18 seconds.

Given that 4 in 10 Americans leave a mobile site that won’t load in 3 seconds, the study highlighted a critical challenge for retailers.

As part of the study, the Moovweb platform optimized the performance of two responsive sites.

To further explore the topic, Moovweb presented a webinar on ways to improve the performance of responsive sites.

They identified 8 key issues that most often slow down Responsive Web Design (RWD) sites:

20 Jan, 2015

A Look at Hybrid Apps

Is a hybrid app best for your enterprise?

We’ve looked at the benefits and challenges of native apps and HTML5 apps. Now let’s look at a third type of apps, hybrid apps.

Hybrid apps use web views (native widgets that display web pages but without the address bar and navigation controls displayed in a normal browser) to display web content.

What this does is allow developers to embed HTML content inside an app to seamlessly blend native elements and web content on the same screen.

Apple App Store hybrid app example

The Apple App Store is one of the most recognizable examples of a hybrid app, using native elements for the top search and bottom navigation toolbars but web views to display search cards.

With their ability to combine the best of both worlds, hybrid apps are gaining popularity. In fact, the research firm Gartner predicts that by 2016, hybrid apps will constitute the majority of mobile apps.

Given their growing popularity and best of both worlds capabilities, should your organization choose the hybrid app model?

Let’s start with the number of compelling reasons for choosing a hybrid app.

13 Jan, 2015

Evaluating the HTML5 Approach

Should Your Enterprise Develop an HTML5 App?

HTML5 Apps

Now that we’ve taken a look at the pros and cons of native apps, let’s examine another approach, HTML5.

HTML5 apps run in a web browser but behave like native apps. Historically the HTML5 approach has been the primary rival of native.

According to IBM, 75% of Fortune 500 companies are taking steps to deploy HTML5 mobile apps.

Clearly it’s a popular approach. But does the HTML5 approach make sense for your enterprise? There are a number of factors to consider when evaluating its suitability.

06 Jan, 2015

Should You Choose the Native Approach?

Pros and Cons of Native Apps

Enterprises looking to develop an app have a few choices – native apps, web apps and hybrid apps.

Native apps are the type with which we’re all familiar. They’re the apps we find in app stores, whose colorful icons fill our mobile devices’ home screens.

Native Apps

Native apps are often the first option to come to mind when developing an app. But how do you decide if a native app is right for your company? You first need to consider the inherent benefits and drawbacks.

Let’s start with the benefits.

05 Jan, 2015

Leading the Way in Mobile

Macy's named 2014 Mobile Retailer of the Year


Macy’s has been recognized as the 2014 Mobile Retailer of the Year. The accolade is one of the most prestigious awards in mobile commerce, honoring the winner for their exemplary strategic and creative use of mobile.

With overall declining traffic to brick-and-mortar retail this year, Macy’s led the way in combining mobile technology with fashion. They succeeded in capturing the attention and wallet share of mobile consumers by providing highly optimized experiences that made shopping more exciting and convenient – particularly for the growing number of young consumers.

Macy’s overall mobile strategy reflects their clear understanding of mobile as a commerce must-have. In particular, three aspects of their strategy enabled the company to drive brand value and earn the Mobile Retailer of the Year honor.

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