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“Our Moovweb optimized experience resulted in nearly 2X conversion growth compared to the non-optimized baseline experience.”
— Amit Shah, VP of Online, Mobile & Social, 1‑800‑FLOWERS.com

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“Our experience platform provides organizations with unparalleled speed, leverage and agility for all their post-PC web development efforts.” — Ajay Kapur, CEO of Moovweb
“Moovweb is the fastest-growing mobile commerce vendor to the Internet Retailer Top 500.”
“Moovweb is a Google recommended vendor for optimizing your business seamlessly across all devices.”
“Tactical approaches [to mobility] are no longer sustainable. Responsive Delivery...can underpin a comprehensive enterprise weight delivery of mobile experiences.” — Jeffrey Hammond, VP, Principal Analyst Forrester Research (January 2014)

“With only a few days of data we are seeing a 100% increase in conversion on tablet. To launch something of this magnitude in this short a period of time is unheard of here.”

Scott Sturcke

Sr. Manager Online Marketing, Epson

How will mobile affect your business?

deliver experiences optimized for any device, regardless of your web stack.

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native vs. web vs. hybrid apps. whether you’re a manager creating mobile strategy or an engineer, this guide will help you make the right app decision for your company.

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forrester research surveyed more than 160 companies that have recently completed responsive web design project to see what went right and what went wrong.